Where to Buy Your Next Perfume…

There are lots of places to buy perfumes, but some are better than others for different reasons!  Here’s my list of places to look for your next favourite.

  1. Department stores.  These are great for finding a new scent, as there are normally hundreds to try out and you can often take home samples if you ask nicely!  This gives you the chance to try your perfumes out in real life and see how they smell on you, how long the last etc.  The only downside with department stores, is that you often end up paying top price for your fragrances.  You do get a more luxurious shopping experience though!
  2. Pharmacies and other high street chains – places like Boots and other chemists can be good options, again often offering the chance to try your perfumes out before you buy.  You might get the added bonus of a discount or vouchers to get money off here.
  3. Online – if you already know what perfume you want to buy, then shopping online is a fab idea.  There are many sites which offer cheaper prices than in shops, and still stock the same great ranges as you would find elsewhere.  Because there are no shop overheads like rent and staff, the prices can be much lower.