Wartime Sweethearts Impressing With Eau de Toilette

There are powerful emotions attached to scent and a great number of these can be traced back to our earliest years.  There can’t be many of us who fail to remember a much loved grandma who wore 4711 cologne or Coty L’aiment as in the case of my own relative.  These very strong and long lived scents are so well established in the market place, many are over 100 years old and have helped scores of ladies to hook up with that special chap.  I can think of several stories that my muother told me of her courting days back in the mid 1940s.  Because of the war, the chaps were a tad thin on the ground.  All girls of marriagable age would be desperately wanting to impress a chap on a very rare date.  Perfumes were very precious – so much of a luxury.  Toilet Water or Eau de Cologne were best things available.