Telling Your Patchouli From Your Labdanum

I love looking at scent catalogues and articles in magazines.  For many years, certainly my entire teenage and early adjust period, I steered clear of any perfume, fearing it would trigger a major headache.  I must have had a bad experience at some time and either been told, or thought I was allergic.   This was a shame as it turns out I can wear quite a wide range of scents.

Reading up on how the scent is put together is fascinating too.  There are head or top notes, base or bottom notes and some producers refer to the middle band sometimes as heart notes.   In these are the well known Floral, Woody, Oriental, Exotic trands.    A couple of products used in perfume are new to me entirely.  Patchouli and tonka bean, cypriol, labdanamum etc.  All very interesting and vital to forming some of the most exotic aromas available.