Sweat Pea Overdose Calamity At Wedding

The trouble with some perfumes is the cloyness that somehow over powers the senses when you least expect it.  I have had experience of entering a fairly cool room, starting to fill up with other party goers . . . .  all well for the time being, then suddenly an hour later, the room becomes insufferably hot and strangely strong perfumes clash at about chandelier height.  This could well be thought of as the head notes taking the majority share of the nostril’s smelling abilities.  You do get the low or base notes, but they are more mingled and do not react quite as much as the head note in a warm atmosphere.    At a wedding the other year, one of the bridesmaids suddenly lurched furoward, baby bouquet tossed assunder …….  she had been completely bushwhacked by the sweat peas near the Lady chapel door, the candle next to them had warmed them through more than realised.