Special Christmas Scents Bring Seasonal Joy

Isn’t it funny how the seasons make such a difference to how we feel about scent and perfume products.  I include here the heady scent from aroma candles.  There’s nothing nicer in the weeks leading up to Christmas and the New year than going about the shopping with a wonderful cinnamon stuffed air about – it literally brings a ping to the heart strings.  The same smell would be repellent to me personally if it was around on a hot day in summer.  The same I suppose if there was a sharp waft of hyacinth floating about unexpectedly in deepest winter.  They don’t work out of season.  With the former of course, there is the wondrous smell of cakes and puddings being prepared.   Cinnamon is very big in these operations so the candle is just an additional burst of merriment/  Making sure the right aroma candle is available is a big responsibility in our house at least!