Recalling Flirtatious After Shave Ads

When I remember back to certain adverts from my younger days, a couple really stick out as being the faces, well rather, bodies of the 1970s.  The mens’ after shave product of the era was Brut – a nifty little green bottle with a very over powering aroma.  Was supposed to send the little lady wild with excitement.  Then there was another – possibly with denim jeans in the ad – we just see a chap in open neck shirt and an exsquisite female hand comes slowly over the shoulder and starts undoing a couple more buttons in a very suggestive manner.  Both of these sold millions and were tantalising.  Left a great deal to the imagination slightly more than the rugged old spice ads with a fit surfing dude proving that shaving makes you a man’s man.  Or something along those lines.   Today’s aftershave is much more sophisticated in scent, if not necessarily in advertising.