Post Christmas Lull Needs Luscious Hot Perfumed Bath

I just love being in mixed company during the Christmas celebrations.  The frenzy of present opening often belies the excitement later on when you really have a jolly good look at those items and notice a new perfume tucked away in that beautiful little gift bag.   Hmmm, just when you need something to perk you up after a rather exhausting battle with the turkey and beef for the most glorious dinner of the year.  When you want to feel luscious, sexy even, the best way is to make sure all the guests are well catered for.  Then slip off upstairs and relax in a lovely perfumed hot bath.  Do a few bending and stretching exercises to loosen the shoulders and rid you of the tightness around the shoulders and neck first and then slip into the bath.   It is so relaxing and the wonderful waft of perfume will make you feel a million dollars without straying from the front door!