Pilates and Regular Walks Staves Off Premature Snoozes

I have been an enthusiastic pilates student for many years.  It has helped me to learn to go up and balance on my toes – essential to maintain posture and natural balance.  Just a few moments in a day is all it takes to strengthe those toes and the joint above the ball of the foot.   Keeping our fitness levels up is absolutely critical, especially for the over 50s.  It is quite easy to get into a rut of with a routine of getting out of bed, stubbing toes into house slippers and arms into dressing gown without shaking a leg, as it were.  I do exercises every morning after my shower.  I find that a short sharp burst of arm exercises leading into some pilates moves is by far the best way to get me mobile after a morning’s typinging.  That and regular walking for a couple of miles is all it takes to keep me from stagnating.