Perfume Evokes Powerful Childhood Memories

We live in such a busy world these days.  To give an example, over the recent easter break, I was scheduled to spend a few precious days with my sibling – because of family complexities, we don’t meet up at each other’s houses very often.  So upon invite, I graciously accepted and we planned memory lane trips to old haunts.  One unexpected joy was a family friend who wanted to meet up with me again – she’s great pals with said sister.  We had such a fantastic couple of hours.  Loads of girlhood giggling and ribald fun.  Memories about when we experiemented with perfume products from our mothers’ dressing tables seem to feature heavily.  We were always banned from these secret exotic places – the bedroom was a no-no, with or without mum being there.  The favourite perfume then is still much in evidence today and just one small whiff brought back such amazingly strong memories!