Mother’s Favourite Scent Born Same Year As Her

My mother recently celebrated a very special huge birthday.  Not the 100 but only 10 years off.  Considering she was deemed too ill to be allowed home from hospital, therefore had to be put into a care home, the diagnosis must have been squiffy, as 8 years later, she is very much alive.  There are the usual conflab a couple of months before her big birthday to discuss what my sisters and I were buying as presents.

I was detailed with buying a good selection of toiletries, maybe a couple of nice smelly body shower lotions – as soon as I went into the wonderful local  independent pharmacy  and found exactly the biz immediately.  My mother’s absolute fave scent all the time we were growing up was also enjoying a 90th anniversay and their boxes all showed 1927 clearly emblazoned.  One of each bought.  Yeah.  The pre purchase discussions snuff out spontinaity – but at least we don’t duplicate.  Disasterville!