Make Money product Product Perfume Reviews

If you are creative enough to frame your experience about a perfume into a useful perfume review, you could make money doing this job. You view about a perfume that you have used gets paid by the websites that deal in providing perfume reviews to the proposed customers of the perfume or service. Let us know below about how you could earn by producing reviews.

  • Visit ExpoTV to convey your reviews about the perfume. Once your video review gets accepted, you get paid for the same. You get to earn amid $2 to $10 for each review that is accepted on this platform.
  • If you are not comfortable speaking on camera, you could also write the review of the perfume for a website called ReviewStream. You get $2 paid for every review that gets accepted on the website. The payment is rendered immediately.
  • Epinions is yet another site for which you could express your reviews about the perfume. The payment is done on the traffic basis.