Life Springing On After Perfume Demonstation

It’s that time of year again – we have just come out of the longest, hottest, driest and most exhausting of summers and week two into early autumn, we’re hit with the wettest wet there is!  I like to hit the shops on days like this.  You can guarantee the half hearted shopper will be staying close to home and not hopping from store to store and dripping wet everywhere.  My newest excitement is a fantastic well known perfumery store – they have every make known to man and his woman.   I ask about various named brands, what is the high note in this one and what is the delicious low note in that.  Inevitably the assistane smells a sale and yes, it’s clinched with that last generous dab up behind my ear.  I always succumb – those floral heady high notes do make me feel exotic and very much more ladylike than I really am.