Knowing Highs Notes From Base Notes In Perfumery Parlance

Ah the delightful season is upon us.  Well I use the word delightful loosely here – Christmas and new year are not the most relaxed periods in anyone’s life.   Getting the ideal present for anyone is always fraught unless they have oblingingly given an exact description, name of product, size, where to get it etc. etc.   For the most part we will look at the endless shelves of garish tinsel packaged perfumery products and just aim for the prettiest, most eye catching in the set that comes under budget.  Unless we know the perfume concerned, it is of little interest to us and not much thought goes into whether the receiver is going to like it either.  This is where a knowledge of perfume products would be helpful.  Knowing your high or head notes from your base notes can make the difference between just a present and scoring ten out of ten!