How To Make That Perfect Perfume Product – Delicious Perfume Recipes!

Perfumes are truly great to have in your cupboard.   Now, you might be wondering how to get the right one for you. So here we bring for you a recipe that you will love to have in your closet and share it with your friends too. You need to have the jojoba oil and alcohol in very small quantities. You can add the following essential oils in the formulation as well:

  • Bergamot – 6 drops
  • Rose oil – 16 drops
  • Ylang-ylang – 4 drops
  • Gardenia fragrance oil-6 drops
  • Sandalwood-8 drops

Check for the other recipes as well that you can make with the help of lavender oil and jojoba oil that are used to enhance the quality of the perfume as well. You can have the floral, woodsy and spicy compositions with the help of these oils. Frankincense can also be used in the compositions to increase the quality of the perfume.  Wow, now that shouls set some hearts racing!