Honeycomb & Other Bonfire Masking Aromas

Now that the heat and dryness of the summer months have passed on and we’re left contemplating navels and the changes in the natural hues and smells outside.  In my youth this time ofyear always had that very distinctive aroma of bonfires permeating everywhere.  Not only because of Bonfire night itself but also garden bonfires throughout the season, killing off diseased plants and weeds.  Now that we have more stringent restrictions on the use of domestic bonfires, this aspect is more challenging.  I still love the smell of a well contained bonfire – especially the morning after.  Somehow though this lingering aroma is not quite the thing for bottling.  We can however get the smell of honeycombe – for some reason I always associate bonfires with that, I ony have to go to a good old fashioned sweetie shop and there it is in all it’s fabulous golden glory!  Bonfires are needed – they can rid us of so much household garbage!