History and Modern Day Perfumes

Perfume is the term that is derived from “Per Fumum”, a Latin Word which means Smoke. The first perfume was created in Mesopotamian and later in ancient era the Egyptian countries adopted the concept of manufacturing perfumes. This art was later adopted by Persians and Romans. Today, there are a wide variety of perfumes available that smell differently as they are made out of diverse mixtures and sources. Even if a perfume is manufactured using the same mixture may smell different because the quantity of mixture used to make it is different and this is referred as the intensity of the fragrance. Some users call the high intensity perfume “Hard Smell”, similarly when the scent of the perfume is low it is referred as soft fragrance.

Most of the brands that manufacture high end perfumes usually never disclose the concentration used for preparing different perfumes. They keep them secret as the secularity of the scent is what makes them different from others.