Having A Nose For A Scent Brings Instant Recall

Getting eady for a family gathering recently, I was fondly thumbing through the wardrobe.  Discounting this outfit and that, after a couple of hours, I was actually ready.   Titfer on the bonce, hair surrounding that was actuallt tidy and to everyone’s amazement, I was shod tidily too.  This event will be in the calendar for ever.  The only thing that did not take me an age to sort out was my fragrance.  Having sorted out the floral aspects of the outfit, the scent came straight away.

It’s funny isn’t it how we so often associate a scent with a person or outfit, maybe an event in our past is instantly recalled as soon as a particular aroma floats within nostril filling reach.  That is the beauty of being able to browse online to get a favourite perfume for those very important moments in our life!