The Secret Of Scent and Scentability

There are very few things in my life that bring me back to a certain time or place than a distinctive scent.  I have not always felt confident about my scent choices and have wandered aimlessly aroumnd the perfume department of large stores trying this and that.  It was only recently that I discovered the art of picking the top notes and matching the base note to my skin.  It is rather complicated to explain but there are definite perfumes that smell absolutely gorgeous on one person but disappear completely when sprayed on my slender arms!

I know that I can wear two perfumes from the Calvin Klein range and a couple of the younger Diors, but I can’t wear Chanel no.5 for example – it smells divine for the first ten seconds then just dies.    IKnowing your body and it’s ability to smell wonderful under all circumstances is a challenge that is delightful to master!