Christmas Walk Brings Perfumery To Mind

Wooh this Christmas we have had the most amazing time in terms of festive fun with family and friends and on the other hand, unbelievably rough weather mixed with sulty warmth that is not so usual for December.  There has been the chance to go walking in the deep countryside – the aromas coming from the fields and hedges is quite awesome – pine trees and woodland leafmould.  It is almost exhiliarating and I realise now how I could be using my stock of perfumes at home.  A different one each day would be areal brightener of mood!  From a Christmas present point of view there were the usual crop of body lotions and hand creams that came my way – and I’m all for that.  What I didn’t get this year were more perfumery products but I did give some to my most dear and ancient ladies.  They both received l’moir which is 90 years old this year.