Chance Meeting Brings A Scent of De Ja Vu

It’s a really funny old world – recently I was attending a business meeting some miles away and didn’t expect to meet up with anyone I knew, yet in the foyer of the venue, here was a former colleague from a job I had many years ago.  We looked at each other and the instant recognition was mutual.  After just a few moments of chat, we had to go our separate ways but agreed to try and meet up during the ample lunch time provision.  It was then that we remembered a project we’d worked on connected with marketing perfumes.  What fun we’d had with it too.  We had been given basic training from the product supply company and were a little nervous about engaging in conversation with punters about the various products before us. We discussed the low notes or base notes, and how they were affected by the head or high notes and it was the a fascinating project to work on!