Allergies Cause Perfumery Present Caution

This is the time of year that I really cannot feel comfortable with.  The children all go startk raving mad from the end of the school holidays.  There are so many Christmassy things arriving earlier each year and my natural tendency toward the bah humbug end of the spectrum makes itself heard and felt rather too easily these days.  I lwould love to buy eveyrone some really nice perfumery products, men as well – but not everyone is as thrilled with the prospect as others.  In fact, unless I put it clearly in bold, underlined, on my secret santa list, I never do get it bought for me either!    I think the problem these days is knowing that folk have allergies which for some reason did not seem to affect anywhere near as many folk years ago.  I don’t recall any female adults in my family who had a problem with perfume!