A Scented Sampler By Any Other Name

The heady aroma of a rose garden in the height of summer is really one of the absolute joys that can be traced back many centuries.  The scent can sometimes be a little heavy, if you are sitting downwind of a huge selection of differently named roses – amazing that a rose can smell so differently between bushes.  I have loved anything rose smelling since I was a child and always put that choice for body lotions and shower products!

The wonderful crash of aromas that hit your nose when you enter one of those fabulously over the top perfumery counters in a large department store – wow, the senses are generally exploded for a few moments until you get your bearings back.  Slightly disappointing these days is the lack of tiny samples aailable – you just get given a tiny cardboard stick with the scent sprayed on it.  The name isn’t always clear by the time you get it home.